Elite Athletes

To be considered for an elite invitation to the Governor’s Cup, you must meet the qualification standards within the last two years. As an elite qualifier, Governor’s Cup organizers may offer complimentary entry into the race of your choice.

If you meet a standard, please send a running resume to elite coordinator Nate Wellington at nathan_wellington@bcbsmt.com. Include your age, gender, mailing address, email address, citizenship, and results from pertinent recent races. If possible, please provide a link to online results demonstrating that you’ve achieved a qualification standard.

NOTE: Masters (40+) and Seniors (50+) are encouraged to apply for elite status in their division and will be considered on a case by case basis. The standards presented below to not apply to Masters and Seniors.

  • Full Marathon
    • Men: 2:40 or faster
    • Women: 3:10 or faster
  • Half Marathon
    • Men: 1:15 or faster
    • Women: 1:26 or faster
  • 10K
    • Men: 34:00
    • Women: 39:00
  • 5K
    • Men: 16:15
    • Women: 18:30